Who I am

I am a lover of words (especially words that make books) and an educator (of words, and other good stuff).

I read a lot of Young Adult Lit so that I am always prepared to put a book into the hands of a student. (There are few things better than getting a student hooked on a good book.) But, I like all kinds of books meant for all ages. I also really like book recommendations, they are one of my favorite things ever.

Leave me a comment or email me at hello [at] wordsandwords [dot] org – if you have good things to say I’ll say good things in return.

Also, please note that all views expressed on this blog are mine and mine alone, unless you want to share them with me, in which case they are ours.


One Response to Who I am

  1. thatbookgirl says:

    Hey! I accidentally ran across your blog and I love it! It’s very similar to my blog as well! I’m definitely going to link to you in mine. I am a huge book lover and word lover. I love having a library in my head so I can give recommendations when people/students ask! I’m currently doing my practicum work and student teach in the fall, so I want my YA library as big as I can get it! Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to read more!

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