iPhone 4!

A brief run down of the last 15 hours of my life:

Wednesday 8:30pm – arrive at mall
Wednesday 9:00pm – convince mall security to allow me and hundreds of others to camp out
Wednesday 9:15pm – success! Begin camping out
Thursday 1:00am – make friends with neighbors so they will watch camp chairs during bathroom run to gas station
Thursday 1:30am – return to chairs and attempt to sleep
Thursday 5:15 am – pack up camp chairs and other assorted items
Thursday 6:00am – mall opens, line up in front of Apple Store
Thursday 7:00am – Apple Store opens, wait in line
Thursday 7:30am – buy iPhone 4, leave mall
Thursday 8:00 am – arrive home and make big decision, play with phone or sleep – play with phone wins
Thursday 11:30am – take nap

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2 Responses to iPhone 4!

  1. Jenners says:

    You’ve been sucked in!!! And ever since my husband got his iPhone, I feel like he is having an affair with it. It never leaves his hand it seems and gets 90% of his attention!

  2. Nathan says:

    I feel like I am having an affair with my iPhone, I can’t get enough of it (as is evidenced by the neglect I have shown my blog).

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