Beautiful Day Spent Inside

Today I spent almost the entire day inside. With the exception of a half hour walk that Gus and I enjoyed, I spent the day at my desk grading papers. I so badly wanted to go out and enjoy the sun, but instead I only got to look at the blue sky through the window next to me desk. You too can enjoy my view, simply stare at the picture to the right.

I would have settled for grading papers outside. But, alas, there is no place suitable for me to both enjoy the sun and get work done. In part this is due to the fact that the patio furniture has yet to be set up this year (it is a bit overdue) and in part to my old laptop that no longer runs on battery.

How did I do it? The thought of an entirely free of work June, July, and August (that might be a bit of an over statement … okay, it’s not really true at all). But, it is nice to know that I am on the home stretch of this school year. And it is also nice to think about all of the work that I got done today, even if I had to give up one beautiful spring afternoon … there will be others.


I recently finished reading (listening to) Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey Through His Sons Meth Addiction by David Sheff. I am not sure I would have finished the book if it had not been an audiobook. Maybe it is because I have no personal connection to the material, or maybe it is because the book felt very repetitive to me – whatever the reason, I had trouble keeping my attention on the book.

Last year I tried to read Tweak by Nic Sheff, this is the other side of the story told in Beautiful Boy. I did give up on this book because I got tired of reading what felt like the same story over and over. To be fair, the cycle of addiction is repetitive (at least it seems that way from what little I know about it). Now that I have finished Beautiful Boy, I might give Tweak another go. It was interesting to listen to David Sheff’s story and be able to relate it to what little I remembered from his sons book.

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