Looking forward, looking back

After spending an exciting two days at the TIES technology in education conference I stumbled across this blog, TeachPaperless.

Okay, I didn’t really stumble across it, I was directed there from one of Kylene Beers’ Tweets (I have an academic crush on her).

Today’s TeachPaperless entry is about the 21 things become obsolete in the world of education by 2020, fascinating. Even if you are not a teacher I suggest that you read it and imagine how different (and possibly better) your formal schooling could have been in a paperless classroom.


The New York Times is Documenting the Decade by asking readers to submit five pictures of what they deem to be the most important event of the last decade. I am attempting to pick our five moments from the last 10 years that played the greatest significance in my life. On a global scale 9/11, hurricane Katrina, the Tsunami, the election of 2000 (my first), and the election of 2008 all rank very high. On a personal level graduating from high school and college, getting my first job (with full benefits!), getting my second and third job, buying my first car, and generally becoming an adult (or making giant strides in that direction) all seem pretty important. I will have to think long and hard about what five events I will pick.

What are the five events that you would choose as the most important from the last decade?

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