Oh MPR, I love you so

This past Sunday fell in love all over again with public radio.

First, an entire hour of On the Media was devoted to books. Host Brooke Gladstone explored the many different roles that books play in the world. She discussed what purpose books of yore served, and anticipated what books in the future will look like. It was a heavenly hour, let me tell you, and I highly suggest that you listen to the podcast, which can be downloaded here.

If On the Media made me re-fall in love with MPR, then this Sundays episode of Studio 360 reminded me why I re-fell in love. Kurt Andersen, host of Studio 360, spent the hour in search of Moby Dick. This is a book that I have never read, it is a bit intimidating, but I have always been fascinated with it. The show spoke with many different people about the impact that Moby Dick has had on the literary and non-literary world. You should also listen to this podcast.

I am currently reading Catching Fire, the sequel to Hunger Games, and loving it. I was a bit skeptical when starting Catching Fire, as Hunger Games was so good. I was worried that the plot would revolve around the complicated love story and push all the awesome action to the side. I worried in vain. Catching Fire is just as good as its predecessor. I have less than a hundred pages left and I am determined to finish it tonight.

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