Don’t shoot, I’m just the messenger

The MessengerIn honor of Teen Reads Week I would like to take a moment to discuss my favorite young adult novel that I have read of late.

Last year I read The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Simply put, it was awesome. Probably one of the best books that I have ever read. Every single person who is older than the age of 12 and is within sight of these words should read that book.

This year I read (via an audio book, my new favorite thing) The Messenger, also by Markus Zusak. Though not at all the same as The Book Theif (and, sadly not as good – but not everything can reach near perfection) I really enjoyed it. We meet our protagonist, and unlikely hero, Ed, as he lays face down on the floor of a bank. Ed’s bud Marv, who is laying next to Ed on the floor, is more concerned about his car that is parked in a fifteen minute only parking spot than he is about the masked man who is robbing the bank.

When the robber confronts the two men who are quietly arguing on the floor Marv kindly suggests that either the robber hurry up or offer to pay for the parking ticket that Marv is sure he is going to get. After all, the robber is likely coming in to a few extra bucks.

I was listening to this on my way to work and laughing out loud. The story continues after Ed and Marv are freed from the hostage situation and Ed is assigned the unlikely task of delivering messages to strangers and helping out those in need. You can read the first part of the novel yourself on the Random House website.

If you are going to read one book by Markus Zusak it should be The Book Thief. If you have already read that then you should read The Messenger.

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  1. Sooo I went to order a few books today but found myself a tad short of the price requirement for free shipping. I searched around and searched around for something else to add to my online cart, and then I thought, “Hey! Let’s see what Nathan recommends.” I chose The Book Thief 🙂 Woot.

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